Works and days
Works and Days 27/28
Cultural Studies and 
Composition:Conversations in Honor of James Berlin
Vol. 14, Nos. 1 & 2

David B. Downing
James J. Sosnoski with
Keith Dorwick


Janice Lauer: Preface

David B. Downing and James J. Sosnoski: Introduction: “The Uncharted Pedagogy of Cutlural Stuides: a Cycles Project in Memory of James Berlin”

Hurlbert, et al.: Part I: “Incomplete Beginnings: An Invitation“

Blair, et al.: Part II: “Technology, Cultural Studies, and Resistance“

Addison, et al.: Part III: “Position Papers“

Kris Blair: “Whose Culture is It Anyway? Toward a Broadened Definition of Composition, Literacy, and Those Who Teach It”

Lisa Langstraat: “Gender Literacy in the Cultural Studies Composition Classroom: ‘Fashioning’ the ‘Self’ through an Analysis of Popular Magazines”

James Addison: “Political Activism as Pedagogical Method: Teaching a Lesbian Perspective”

Libby Miles: “Lingering Questions and Mingling Voices: Continuing Conversations with Jim Berlin”

Michael Blitz and Mark Hurlbert: “To Make a Home: The Role of Listening in Cultural Studies”

Beth Campbell: “Jim Berlin’s Cincinnati Years”

Harkin, et al.: Part IV: Postscripts

Patricia Harkin: “In the Crossfire: (after) Jim Berlin”

James J. Sosnoski: “The Land of Moos: the Post-disciplinary Study of Cultures, Discursive Practices, and Cyberspace”

UIC Cultural Studies Collective: “Reading, Writing, and Enacting Culture”
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