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1999-2000Works and Days 33/34 & 35/36
The Future of Narrative Discourse: Internet Constructs of Literacy and Identity
Vol. 17 & 18, Nos. 1 & 2

Gian S. Pagnucci and
Nicholas Mauriello


Forward: The Importance of Narrative

David Schaafsma: “Telling Stories, Drawing Maps”

Introduction: Project UNLOC: Understanding Narrative, Literacy, and Ourselves in Cyberspace

Gian S. Pagnucci and Nicholas Mauriello: “The Future of Narrative Discourse: Internet Constructs of Literacy and Identity”

Tales of the Digital Self: Intersections of Narrative, Technology, and Identity

Lisa Gerrard: “’Diets Suck!’ and Other Tales of Women’s Bodies on the Web”

Sibylle Gruber: “Virtual Worlds, Real Lives: Exploring Women’s Webs”

Ellen Barton: “The Presence of Interlocutors vs. The Sites of the Internet: The Restricted Range of Disability Narratives”

Radhika Gajjala: “Internet Constructs of Identity and Ignorance: ‘Third-World’ Contexts and Cyberfeminism”

Mosaics of Narrative Optometry: Digital Narrative/Visual Literacy

Susan M. Katz and Lee Odell: “Moving from Print to Digital Media”

Mary E. Hocks: “Toward a Visual Critical Electronic Literacy”

Michael Blitz and Louise Krasniewicz: “Are New Media Narratives Inhuman(e)? Over-Lubricating the Frictions Between Theory and Practice”

Myka Vielstimmig: “From Hawaii to Kairos: Alt.Writing and the Ongoing Composition”

Pixels of Heroes and Heroines: Literature Hits Cyberspace

Myron Tuman: “Desire and Slow Time: Reading Charlotte Bronte in the Information Age”

Todd Rohman and Deborah H. Holdstein: “Ulysses Unbound: Examining the Digital (R)evolution of Narrative Context”

Texts of Hyper-Possibility: Re-Visioning Hypertext

James Phelan and Edward Maloney: “Authors, Readers, and Progression in Hypertext Narrative”

Richard Higgason: “Entangled in Nets of a Different Order: Hypertext Liberations, Constraints, and Tyrannies”

Johndan Johnson-Eilola: “Confessions at Twilight: Variations on Michael Joyce’s Twilight Symphony”

Michael Joyce and Jay David Bolter: “Ourselves Own Images: Post-Hypertextual and New Media”

Stories of Wired Desktops: Teaching with Technology

M. Shaun Murphy and D. Jean Clandinin: “Stories of Technology: Shaping School Landscapes”

Patricia Webb Peterson: “Whose Stories? Whose Realities? The Materiality of Narratives in the Electronic Writing Classroom”

Stephen Gance and Samantha Caughlan: “Seated Around the Virtual Table”

Views of Techno-Identity and Virtual Spaces: Web Politics and Internet Resistance

Gerardo Contreras, Michele Petrucci, and Gian S. Pagnucci: “An Exile Collage: Politics, Stories, and Resistance in Cyberspace”

Jennifer Cohen, Paula Mathieu, et al.: “CultureWise: Narrative as Research, Research as Narrative”

Michael Blitz, Dan Collins, et al.: “Between Apocalypse and (E)utopia: Narratives In and Out of Cyberspace”

William Condon: “Online Learning Environments: Previewing the Online Agora”

Catherine F. Smith: “Writing is Public on the Internet (and That’s Good)”

Critical Reflections on Project UNLOC

Cristina Haas with Kathryn Weis: “’People Do What They Know’: Some Accounts of Participation in Project UNLOC”

Gerardo Contreras: “Project UNLOC: An Interdisciplinary Bibliography for Literacy, Narrative, and Technology”
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