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2001Works and Days 37/38
Virtual Experiences of the Harlem Rennaissance: 
The Virtual Harlem Project
Vol. 19, Nos. 1 & 2

James J. Sosnoski and Bryan Carter


Tom Defanti: Prefatory Note

Dwight McBride: Preface

James J. Sosnoski and Bryan Carter: Introduction: “Virtual Experiences of the Harlem Renaissance”

The History of the Virtual Harlem Project

Bryan Carter: “Virtual Harlem in the Beginning: Retrospective Reflections”

Erec Smith: “A Conversation with Bryan Carter”

William Plummer: “Why Engineers Are Interested in Projects Like Virtual Harlem”

The Technologies Used in the Virtual Harlem Project

James Pyfer: “The Technologies Used in the Virtual Harlem Project”

Andy Johnson: “VR as Instructional Technology: The CAVE as Classroom”

Reactions to the Virtual Harlem Project

Jason Leigh, Andy Johnson, and Kyoung Park: “How Humanities Students Cop with the Technology of Virtual Harlem”

Richard Besel: “Are Humanists Technophobes, or Is This a Myth?”

James J. Sosnoski: “Will New Technologies Impair the Critical and Imaginative Capabilities of Students?: Virtual Harlem, an Experiment in Learning Environments”

Veronica Watson: “Virtual Harlem and Actual Teaching: Where Technology meets Pedagogy in the Education Experience”

Brenda Aghahowa: “The Digital Divide and Langston Hughes: Bridging the Gap through the Virtual Harlem Project”

Related Projects

Bruce Lincoln: “Harlem in Harlem: The Use of Virtual Harlem in Present-Day Harlem’s Community Technology Centers”

Marcelo Milrad: “The COLDEX Project and Virtual Harlem’s Collaborative Learning Network”

Art and Drama in Virtual Harlem

Tim Portlock: “An Artist Moves to Digital”

James J. Sosnoski and Tim Portlock: “A Design in Multiple Interactive Narratives in VR Scenarious”

Georgia Tappan: “'A Girl’s Life' in Virtual Harlem”

Janice Lively: “Writing a Narrative for Virtual Harlem: A Learning Experience”

Final Thoughts

Duriel Harris: “Virtual Rupture: An Experiment Upon an Experiment”

Ken McAllister: “’In On the Job’: Praxis, Critique, and the Evolution of Virtual Harlem”

Steve Jones: “Virtual Reality Technology and the Future of Education”

James J. Sosnoski and Bryan Carter: Afterwords




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