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2002Works and Days 39/40
Vectors of the Radical: Global Consciousness, Textual Exchange, and the 1960's
Vol. 20, Nos. 1 & 2

Mike Sell


Mike Sell: "Vectors of the Radical: Textual Exchange and Global Political Struggle in the 1960's"

Seth Baumrin: "Anarcho-Radical Roots - Opole to Oslo to Holstebro 1959-69: Eugenio Barba's Early Experimental Theatre as Intervention"

David Callaghan: "Out of the Theatres and Into the Streets: Crossing Cultural Borders in the Work of the Living Theatre, 1970-1975"

Grant Farred: "At a Moment of Danger": Subaltern Studies Historiography as a Critique of the Postcolonial Condition

Alan Filewood: "Maoist Perfomatives: Milton Acorn and the Canadian Liberation Movement"

David William Foster: "The Argentine 1960's"

Bina Toledo Freiwald: "Translational and Trans/nation Crossings: French-American Feminist Mis/Dis/Re-Connections"

Carol Motta: "Crossroads at Paris: Nigerian, Brazilian, and British Theater 1968-1971"

Bill Mullen: "Seeking Correspondence: Robert F. Williams, Detroit, and the Bandung Era"

Kunio Nakamura: "Behavior and Sentiments of the Radical Child in Japan in the 1960's"

Ilka Saal: "Political Theater in the United States: Two Cultural Moments"

Sehnaz Tahir-Gurcaglar: "Translation as Conveyor: Critical Thought in Turkey in the 1960's"

G.D. White: "Holding the Mirror Up to Hatred: Establishment Accounts of Radical Subversion after 1968"
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