Works and days
2003Works and Days 41/42
Information University: 
Rise of the Education 
Vol. 21, Nos. 1 & 2

Teresa Derrickson


Teresa Derrickson: "A Place of Profits: The University's New Market Orientation"

Cary Nelson: "Resistance Is Not Futile"

Part I: Contingent Labor and the Corporate University

Marc Bousquet: "The Informal Economy of the Information University"

Paul Lauter: "Content, Culture, Character"

Joe T. Berry: "The New Majority Faculty: A Class Analysis for Organizing"

Gregory Meyerson: "Appalling"

Part II: Apprentice or Laborer?  The Conflict Over Graduate Student Work

Marc Bousquet: "The Rhetoric of 'Job Market' and the Reality of the Academic Labor System"

Marc Bousquet: "The Waste Product of Graduate Education: Toward a Dictatorship of the Flexible"

Gordon Lafer: "Graduate Student Unions: Organizing in a Changed Academic Economy"

Chris Drew, Matt Garrison, Steven Leek, Donna Stickland, Jen Talbot, and A.D. Waldron: "Affect, Labor, and the Graduate Teaching Assistant: Can Writing Programs Become 'Spaces of Hope'"?

Part III: Composition's New Class Heirarchy

Marc Bousquet: "Composition as Management Science"

Jeffrey T. Grabill, James E. Porter, Stuart Blythe, and Libby Miles: "Institutional Critique Revisited"

Kelli L. Custer: "Of Bedpans and Blackboards: Teaching Writing in the Educational Management Organization"

Laura Bartlett: "Feminization and Composition's Managerial Subject"

Part IV: Ideas for Action & Intervention

Jeffrey J. Willaims: "Career Choices"

Randy Martin: "Getting the General Idea: Managing the University's Uses"

Eileen E. Schell: "Every Week Should Be Campus Equity Week: Toward a Labor Theory of Agency in Higher Education"

Christopher Carter: "The Student as Organic Intellectual"

Marc Bousquet: "The Concrete University"
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