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2005Works and Days 45/46
Richard Ohmann: A Retrospective
Vol. 23, Nos. 1 & 2

Patricia Harkin


Patricia Harkin: Introduction

Janice Radway: Appreciation: "Richard Ohmann’s Voice"

Part I: Richard Ohmann’s Work in Context

David B. Downing: "What’s an English Professor to Do with the Politics of Knowledge?"

David R. Shumway: "Resistance to History"

Linda Bergmann: "Richard Ohmann and the Development of a History for Composition"

Jamie Owen Daniel: "Undocumented Ideas, or the Limits of the Ivory Tower: A Piece for Richard Ohmann"

Jeffrey J. Williams: "The Politics of Career"

John Trimbur: "Appreciation: Language and Class Formation: Two Vignettes for Richard Ohmann"

Part II: Richard Ohmann’s Influence

Marc Bousquet: "The Escape from Contingency, or, Students are Already Workers"

Luana Uluave: "The Revolving Door: Teaching and Not Teaching - Writing at a For-Profit University"

Ryan M. Moeller: "An Homage to the Posthuman in Ohmann: Retailing Culture through Consumer Electronics"

Megan Marie: "Selling Christianity: Megachurches, Megatheory, Markets, and Class at the Turn of the 21st Century - In Homage to Richard Ohmann"

Patricia Harkin: "Richard Ohmann, Administration and Articulation"

David Bleich: "Appreciation: Letter to Dick"

Part III: A Conversation with Richard Ohmann

David B. Downing, Patricia Harking, Richard Ohmann, and James J. Sosnoski
: "A Conversation with Richard Ohmann"

Barbara Foley: Appreciation: "Reflections on Dick Ohmann as MLA Activist"

Richard Ohmann: Afterword

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