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2008-2009Works and Days 51/52 & 53/54
Academic Freedom and Intellectual Activism in the Post-9/11 University
Vol. 26 & 27

Edward J. Carvalho


Edward J. Carvalho: "'The Crystallizing of a Consensus': Confronting Visible and Invisible Wars on Post-9/11 Academic Freedom"

I. State of the Union

Matthew W. Finkin, et al.: "Freedom in the Classroom" (From AAUP Committee A Reports and Statements, 2007)

Henry A. Giroux: "Academic Unfreedom in America: Rethinking the University as a Democratic Public Sphere"

Michael Bérubé: "Academic Freedom, Fragile as Ever"

Cary Nelson: "Barefoot in New Zealand: The Politics of Campus Conflict"

Robert F. Barsky: "Academia in the Era of Homeland Security"

John K. Wilson: "Marketing McCarthyism: The Media’s Role in the War on Academic Freedom"

II. "Speaking in the Teeth of Power"

Ward Churchill: "The Myth of Academic Freedom: Experiencing the Application of Liberal Principle in a Neoconservative Era"

Eric Cheyfitz: "Framing Ward Churchill: The Political Construction of Research Misconduct"

Derrick Bell: "Academic Freedom in Political Perspective"

Karren Baird-Olson: "An American Indian Studies Program in a Post-9/11 'Learning-Centered' Urban University"

III. The Image and Reality of Teaching the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Norman G. Finkelstein: "Civility and Academic Life"

David Klein: "Why Is Norman Finkelstein Not Allowed to Teach?"

Irene Gendzier: "The Risk of Knowing"

Bruce Robbins: "Outside Pressures"

Grant Farred: "The Act of Politics Is to Divide"

Joe Berry: "Contingent Faculty and Academic Freedom: A Contradiction in Terms "

IV. Neoliberal Freedoms, Contingency, and Capital

Randy Martin: "W(h)ither Academic Freedom?: Revaluing Faculty Work"

Steven Wexler: "The Science of Academic Freedom"

Ellen Messer-Davidow: "Caught in the Crunch"

Jeffrey J. Williams: "Academic Bondage"

Marc Bousquet: "Take Your Ritalin and Shut Up"

Sophia A. McClennen: "Neoliberalism and the Crisis of Intellectual Engagement"

V. Reflections and "Tightrope Hopes"

Susan Searls Giroux: "Generation Kill: Nietzschean Meditations on the University, War, Youth, and Guns"

R. Radhakrishnan: "Is Freedom Academic?"

Robert M. O’Neil: "The Post-9/11 University: It Could Have Been Much Worse"

Noam Chomsky: "Lessons from History" (Interview at MIT, 4 Mar. 2008)

Martín Espada: "'Taking Back the Street Corner'" (Interview at UMass, 5 Mar. 2008)

Cornel West: "Preserving the Democratic Experiment: Moral Courage and the Role of Intellectual Activism"
                        (Interview at Princeton, 5 May 2008)

David B. Downing: "Afterword: On Truth and Profit in an Extra-Moral Sense"

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