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W&D 2011Works and Days 57/58
Invisible Battlegrounds: Feminist Resistance in the Global Age of War and Imperialism
Vol. 29, Nos. 1 & 2
Spring/Fall 2011

Susan Comfort


Susan Comfort: "Introduction: Invisible Battlegrounds"

I. "Curious Feminist" Inquiries into Invisible Battlegrounds of Imperialism

Susan Comfort: "Interview with Cynthia Enloe"

Susan Comfort: "Interview with Heejung Cha"

Liz Philipose: "Healing the Wounds of Imperialism"

Valentine Moghadam: "Afghanistan: Are Human Security and Gender Justic Possible?"

II. Hegemonic Formations of Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Nation

Nadje Al-Ali: "A Feminist Perspective on the Iraq War"

Jasbir Puar: "Abu Ghraib and U.S. Sexual Exceptionalism"

Shireen Roshanravan: "Post-9/11 Shifts in Racial Formation: Tracing Complicity and Mapping Possibility for U.S. South Asian Community"

Mais Qutami: "The Veil (De)contextualized and Nations "Democratized": Unsettling War, Visibilities, and U.S. Hegemony"

III. Battlegrounds and Movements

Rosemary Hennessy: "Gender Adjustments in Forgotten Places: The North-South Encuentros in Mexico"

Anne E. Lacsamana: "Empire on Trial: The Subic Rape Case and the Struggle for Philippine Women's Liberation"

Reena Dube: "Making Your Own Media: The Oaxacan Feminist Subaltern Counterpublic Sphere"

Assata Zerai: "A Black Feminist Critique of American Christian Antiwar (Dis)engagements"

Patricia McFadden: "Re-Crafting Citizenship in teh Postcolonial Moment: A Focus on Southern Africa"

IV. Cultural Interventions

Margo García Támez: "Our Way of Life is Our Resistance": Indigenous Women and Anti-Imperialist Challenges to Militarization along the U.S.-Mexico Border"

Helen Scott: "Beyond Mourning: The Legacy of the Grenadian Revolution in Literature"

Kamala Platt: "Women on Wars and Walls: Cultural Poetics from Palestine to South Texas"

Charles Cunningham: "'A War, Once Start': Feminism, Marxism, and the Dialiectics of Destruction"

Margaret Stetz: "'Comfort Women' on the International Public State: Feminist Resistance and the Politics of Visibility"

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