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Works and Days provides a scholarly forum for the exploration of problems in cultural studies, pedagogy, and institutional critique, especially as they are impacted by the global economic crisis of late capitalism.  Whereas most scholarly journals publish groups of relatively unrelated essays, each volume of Works and Days focuses on a specific issue, and contributors are encouraged to share their work with each other.

Recent special issues of the Works and Days journal have focused on the effect of globalization on women and the environment, the attacks on academic freedom, the privatization of higher education under neoliberal capitalism, the increasing exploitation of part-time, temporary faculty, the shift from print to electronic media, and the politics of knowledge.

We are eager to hear from anyone already at work on projects suitable for publication in Works and Days. We also encourage proposals for joint projects and will assist in their formation. In addition, we invite participants in symposia, conferences, and other research groups to consider developing their work through online collaboration and publishing their outcomes as special issues of Works and Days.

Forthcoming volume:

SCHOLACTIVISM: Reflections on Transforming Praxis Inside and Outside the Classroom

A special joint volume of Works & Days and Cultural Logic To appear in 2016 Edited by Joseph G. Ramsey This print and online volume will address such important and timely questions as: Where do radical scholarship, teaching, and activism connect? How do academics at present engage in activism? What are the strengths and weaknesses of prevailing modes of scholar-activist political praxis? What should effective activism produce inside and outside the classroom? What can we learn, both positively and negatively, from past attempts at radical intellectual-political praxis? What pitfalls threaten such interventions? What opportunities for transformative praxis are being opened up in the current conjuncture of crisis-racked neoliberal capitalism? In our writing, our teaching, in advocacy, conversation, and correspondence: how do we relate to the notion of 'activism' in theory and in practice? Also visit Cultural Logic for more information.

Works & Days 63/64

Vol. 32

The Comic Studies Multiverse: Graphic Transformations in Education and Culture

Edited by Alex Romagnoli
and Gian Pagnucci

Alex Romagnoli
Gian Pagnucci
Oriana Gatta
Alex Lapidus
Edel Reilly
Scott Moore
Steven S. Schroeder
Jonathan A. Cooper
Robert P. Stallings
John Reilly
Jeremy Larance
Brandon Galm
Jason Tondro
Brian Burke
Joshua Begley
Shana Kraynak
Sandra Eckard
Michael Dittman
Edmund Cueva
Forrest C. Helvie
Tanya Heflin
Sara Van Ness
John Branscum
Christopher M. Kuipers
Wendy Carse
John Marsden

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