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2004Works and Days 43/44
Capitalizing on Play:
The Politics of Computer Gaming
Vol. 22

Ken McAllister and Ryan Moeller


David Downing: Preface

Ken McAllister and Ryan Moeller: Foreword: "Resistance Is Not Futile"

Part I: Games and Media Convergence

Harry J. Brown: "Competing Strategies for Adapting Film Narrative to Video Games: Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings"

Chris Crawford: "Some Observations on Credit Assignment"

Daphne Desser: "‘Why not Leeloh?’ and Other Disasters: Children’s Computer Games as a Site of Cultural Contention, Corporate Corruption, and, Despite all That, Cognitive Development"

Chris Crawford: "Personal Thoughts on the Disney Brouhaha"

Ron Scott: "Simulation or Simulacrum?"

Judd Ethan Ruggill: "The Promise of Sports Games"

Chris Crawford: "A Thought on Box Copy"

Jennifer deWinter: "Multi-Media Narratives: The Videogame in an Emerging Mega-Literacy"

Chris Crawford: "The Future of Computer Games"

Part II: Games & Politics

Amy Clary: "Digital Nature: Uru and the Representation of Wilderness in Computer Games"

Chris Crawford: "Ga-Ga Over Graphics"

Darin Payne: "Making Nation-Building Fun: The Game-Plays of the God-Wannabes in Global Capitalism and Black and White"

Chris Crawford: "Repent the End is Near!"

Laurie N. Taylor: "Playing the System: Economic Models for Video Game Narrative and Play"

Rafael Fajardo SWEAT: "Juan & the Beanstalk: A Game Work in Progress"

Chris Crawford: "Goodbye"

Chris Crawford: "Portrait of the Gamer as Enemy"

Part III: Games and Social Engineering

Drew Kopp: "Computer Gameplay as Grunt and Reflection"

Steffen P. Walz: "Delightful Identification & Persuasion: Toward an Analytical and Applied Rhetoric of Digital Games"

Chris Crawford: "Representation Versus Depiction"

Kevin Moberly: "Reality for Sale: Roleplaying, Ideology, and Multi-user Dungeons"

Chris Crawford: "My Own Vision of the Revolution"

Nicholas White: "Computer Games, the Civil War, and Education"

Chris Crawford: "Reviewing the Reviewers"

Gareth Schott and Andrew Burn: "Art (Re)production as an Expression of Collective Agency within Online Fan Culture"

Chris Crawford: "Computer Games are Dead"

Zack Whalen: "Game/Genre: A Critique of Generic Formulas in the Video Games in the Context of 'The Real'"

LGI Research Collective: "Mission Statement of the Learning Games Initiative"

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