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The Comic Studies Multiverse: Graphic Transformations in Education and Culture
Vol. 32

Alex Romagnoli
and Gian Pagnucci


Table of Contents

Alex Romagnoli and Gian Pagnucci: "Rebooting the Academy: Why Universities Need to Finally Start Taking Comic Books Seriously"

Teaching with Comic Books

Oriana Gatta: "From Analysis to (Re)Composition: A Prismatic Pedagogy"

Alec Lapidus: "Multimodal Social Semiotics and Comics in ESL Education"

Edel M. Reilly: "Superheroes in Math Class: Using Comics to Teach Diversity Awareness."

R. Scott Moore and Steven Schroeder: "Zombies in the classroom....and no, we are not referring to our students"

Jonathan A. Cooper and Robert P. Stallings: "What is Justice? An Ontological Discussion Through the Lens of Sarkar and Gastonny's Caliber: First Canon of Justice"

John Reilly: "Professional Reflections from a Tyro Comic Writer"

The Superhero and Comic Studies

Jeremy Larance: "Alan Moore's Miracleman: Harbinger of the Modern Age of Comics"

Brandon Galm: "Not in Kansas Anymore: A Superman: Red Son Place-Based Pedagogy"

Jason Tondro: "ENG 140J: The Superhero Narrative"

Brian Burke: "An Analysis of the Rhetorical Nature of Comic Books"

Comic Books and Issues of Gender and Sexuality

Joshua Begley: "Ceci N'est Pas Une Femme: The Negation of the Male Gaze in Gail Simone's Red Sonja and Alex de Campi's Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight"

Shana Kraynak: "Masculinization of the Great Machine: Reconstructing the Post-9/11 Superhero in Brian K. Vaughan's Ex Machina"

Sandra Eckhard: "Analyzing the Avatar of Lois Lane: What We Learn from the Daily Planet Reporter"

Michael Dittman: "Women in Refrigerators: The Growing Dialogue Between Comic Creators and Fan Communities"

The Literary Genre of the Comic Book

Edmund Cueva: "Educated Cultures: Ancient Narratives and the Graphic Novel"

Forrest C. Helvie: "When the Present Makes Contact with the Past: Comic Adaptations and Translations of Medieval and Early Modern Sources"

Tanya Heflin: "Minds in the Gutter: Psychological Self-Exposure in Graphic Memoir"

Sara Van Ness: "Under the Loving Gaze of Mourners: Witnessing Death's (Dis)placement and Emotional Dissonance in Alison Bechdel's Fun Home"

John Branscum: "Me, Myself, and Mushi: Reframing the Human and the Natural in Urushibara Yuki's Mushishi"

Christopher M. Kuipers: "The Anti-Pastoral Novelty Library: Bucolic Superhero Satire in the Paratexts of Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan"

Wendy Carse with John Marsden: "Propelling the Zombie Narrative: 'It's Never Going to Be the Same Again' in The Walking Dead"

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